Consolidated Smart Broadband Services has over fifty years of operational experience in the MDU Industry with the reputation in being an industry innovator and leader in the areas of service throughout California, Arizona, and Texas. We pride ourselves in providing our customers and communities we service with the very best in High Speed Internet, Telephone and DIRECTV services.

                                                                                 Consolidated’s Beliefs:
-That customers should be able to get Internet service turned on 24/7 without
having to talk to a call agent or schedule an installation.
-That customers deserve a live human being to answer the phone for service in less
than a minute.
-That customers deserve the truth about ordering bundled services without having to
read the fine print.
-That customers deserve the fastest Internet speeds in the market. Our subscribers
average speed is over 100 MbPS.
-That management deserves a broadband representative who is a real person to meet
with and talk to.
-That customers deserve Internet and VoIP services with no contract and no data
-That customers deserve the choice to have a broadband provider that is NOT the
non-responsive and apathetic billion-dollar Telco and cable company.
-That the broadband services offered at a property adds value to the property and
distinguishes the property from the competition. We believe that one additional
rented unit adds over $240,000 in property value.
If you believe what we believe then we are the right broadband provider for
you and your customers!